Picture of Kim, Fintech Intern

First month as an intern at Astat

How it started!

The day was 20 April, my first chat with Caroline Hunter, the COO of Astat. The conversation lasted about 5 minutes, but it was excellent. I got a good feeling for this company. And I think she got a good feel for me too, so we scheduled another meeting two days later. What I didn´t know was that she had already sent me the contract for my internship in between those meetings. That´s how fast they work at Astat, if the connection is right, let´s do it! 

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26 hidden bank fees that will surprise you - and that your business can not afford to ignore

Being stung by hidden bank fees is frustrating. With Astat, you get better visibility and more control over all your money, and we only charge a fixed amount per month.
We can all agree, we all love surprises, except when they're from your chosen bank. Being stung by hidden bank fees is frustrating; having one fee lead to another is even worse. It's also something you can avoid if you know where to look for them. That's why we at Astat compiled a detailed list of 26 hidden fees to help you next time you're about to do your banking.

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Working mother and daughter

Why we value your time!


Did you know: 49% of small business in Norway do not get followed up by their bank for personal contact, support and advice.

This statistic shocks us, but the reality is that the older banks do not care about you or your business. They care only about statistics, return on investment and yearly bonuses. They don't care about the early wake-ups and the daily grind; they don't care about the steep learning curve to becoming a business owner and the considerable risk you've taken to pursue your dreams; they don't care about the job your quit or sacrifices you've made to your lifestyle and constant struggle to balance work-life balance.

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Astat product picture

Dette er Astat! 😃

Da vår CEO & Founder, Axel Hunter, flyttet med sin familie til Norge sommeren 2020 og skulle åpne en bankkonto i forbindelse med sitt konsulentselskap oppdaget han hvor lite SMB-markedet i Norge er prioritert av de store bankene. Det tok uker og måneder bare å åpne en bankkonto og få tilsendt et bankkort. Det var da Axel kom opp med ideen om å gjøre bankhverdagen for små og mellomstore bedrifter enklere. Ideen om Astat ble grunnlagt og Axel begynte å sette sammen et team som på sikt skal sørge for at de over 400 000 bedriftene i det norske SMB-markedet får den oppmerksomheten de fortjener.

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The top 6 things that investors want to see before they invest.

Investing in a business with a founder as the main shareholder and the ultimate decision-maker is hard for investors. Even with a dilution of the founder's shares, they will most likely remain the main shareholder and exclude investors from board seats and ways to have essential information regarding the business. That means that the investor, from a practical point of view, is investing in you, the founder, not the company itself. The critical point is to gain investors' trust by managing their expectations, keeping your promises, and being honest. We have gathered some key points in our guide to what investors want when investing:

  • Let investors take part in your business journey
  • Have a proper spending plan
  • Clear vision and professional business plan
  • The team
  • The Product or service
  • Valuation of your business
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Why it is Time to Say Goodbye To Plastic Credit Cards

The real cost of all those plastic cards and what it means for all of us.

As we move forward towards a more eco-friendly future, we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. While this is a great area of focus, the reality is that the majority of damage is being done by businesses, not just individuals. Banks are known for their high carbon footprints, and the cards in your wallet play a role in it. In this article, we will explain the true impact of plastic debit and credit cards, and what it means for our future.

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Astat is in MasterCard Lighthouse

Astat has been invited to be a part of the MasterCard Lighthouse program - 2021 spring edition.

Astat has been accepted to join the spring 2021 cohort in the MasterCard lighthouse program. This is a huge deal for the new business account startup and may give the business the wings it needs to scale up and become a serious player to consider in the Nordics. The program gives Astat a chance to partner up with the biggest banking players in the Nordics and Baltics such as DNB, DanskeBank, SEB, Swedbank and OP Bank.

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