Download our tips on how to set the value of your startup company!

As it is difficult to value a start-up business it is important to look at different advantages your business has and what it takes others to do the same. In our valuation guide we will give you an understanding of what certain investors want to know before an investment decision.

If you are unfamiliar with Astat, Astat is Norway's first, customer-centric business account for small businesses and startups. We will be offering a full suite of useful financial tools and services for small businesses who are usually subjected to a lack of customer service and typically have to shop around for their optimal services, rather than have it all under one roof. We believe that everyday banking should be easy to use, accessible and under one roof. We offer a business account that includes features such as:

  • Automated accounting.
  • Financial forecasting.
  • Easy and quick onboarding and KYB.
  • Automated receipt and expense tracking.
  • Invoice generation and bill management.
  • Virtual cards (Google Pay & Apple Pay).

Plus many more features to come!


An important preparation for our first round of funding was to set the valuation of Astat. As the valuations will vary depending on the business or industry, we have gathered the five most important aspects to work through when determain this;

  • Cost of duplication
  • Value of the team
  • Value of licenses, partnerships etc
  • Future earnings
  • The market and growth

Download it for free to get deeper explenation and examples on each of these elements.