First month as an intern at Astat

How it started!

The day was 20 April, my first chat with Caroline Hunter, the COO of Astat. The conversation lasted about 5 minutes, but it was excellent. I got a good feeling for this company. And I think she got a good feel for me too, so we scheduled another meeting two days later. What I didn´t know was that she had already sent me the contract for my internship in between those meetings. That´s how fast they work at Astat, if the connection is right, let´s do it! 

How the first month went!

One month later, I got to say, the speed at Astat is still the same; decisions are made at the moment. Never hesitate! If we need it, let´s do it! And I love it! I have never worked in such an agile environment. Things just happen, and being away from the office for one day, you feel like you are missing out. That is so engaging!

This is an internship, so what have I learned in the past month:
  • For one, I thought we worked fast at university and got things done quickly, and we did, compared to what I have been used to. However, the speed of execution at Astat is on another level. Now, it feels like I´m finally home. I don´t have to sit and wonder anymore, I just do it! I have been given so much freedom and support every step of the way, it is truly inspiring. I have even started to feel like a creative person, I have never thought I would say that about myself. So, I learned in only one month that I can be creative, by just be given the trust I needed to grow. 
  • Secondly, I am starting to learn how to give that same gift to the people around me. I have always thought of myself as an including person and always let people be themselves, I have always done this by complementing and letting them be. Now at Astat, I´m learning how to engage people and show that I trust them to be themselves and encourage people to think, instead of just letting them figure it out on their own.
  • Thirdly, I guess I´m not at Astat only to learn. So hopefully, I can bring something to the team as well. To be honest, looking at the team, it is hard to find what´s missing! The main thing, I guess, is the obvious one with working hours, taking some pressure off their hands, and getting things done! 
Why internship?
While finishing my Master degree, the opportunity to get an insight into a growing startup within an exciting industry such as fintech is extremely valuable. Invest your time in an internship while studying will let you gain knowledge, expand your network and increase the likelihood for the full-time position of your dreams.

- Kim Stangnes, Fintech Intern