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Did you know: 49% of small business in Norway do not get followed up by their bank for personal contact, support and advice.

This statistic shocks us, but the reality is that the older banks do not care about you or your business. They care only about statistics, return on investment and yearly bonuses. They don't care about the early wake-ups and the daily grind; they don't care about the steep learning curve to becoming a business owner and the considerable risk you've taken to pursue your dreams; they don't care about the job your quit or sacrifices you've made to your lifestyle and constant struggle to balance work-life balance.


This is why we decided to build Astat - most businesses in Norway fail during their first year, we don't think that's good enough, so our mission is to increase the chances of success in the market and help you with the support and information required for you to run your business efficiently with  better experiences regarding this. 


We were shocked to experience month-long application and processing times from Norwegian banks, so we have built fast, easy onboarding. 
We hated spending sometimes over 30 minutes on the phone to speak to customer service, so we made it easier with easy to access live chat that allows you to get on with your day and chat to us when you're free.
We didn't have time to look at the 100's accounting tools available, so we selected the best one's for our customers and even built our own.
We got charged inexplicable fee's from our bank, which were non-negotiable and in most cases, there was no explanation for, So we charge only one fair fee.


We demanded better business accounts, so we are building it for you.


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